All kinds of trees
expertly felled, topped
or pruned

We would always advise what the best course of action for your tree or shrub would be.

Crown reduction

crown reductionReducing the size of the trees' overall canopy by pruning the branches evenly throughout the crown and retaining the tree's natural shape.


Crown thinning

crown thinningSelective removal of inner branches evenly throughout the trees' crown allowing light to travel through the crown and letting air circulate more effectively throughout the canopy without altering the trees' natural shape.


Crown lifting

crown liftingRemoval of selected branches and limbs from the lower part of the trees' crown to raise the crowns' overall height.



PollardingRemoval of all the branches and most of the limbs leaving only the trunk and occasionally a framework of the major limbs. We do not recommend this as a course of action as the trees' natural structure and shape are lost.


Branch and limb removal

pruningmature2Where it is necessary to remove certain branches without fully reducing, thinning or lifting the crown. This is done by removing as little live growth as possible to ensure the health and stability of the tree.



deadwoodingThe safe removal of any naturally occuring deadwood from the crown in order to ensure that the tree is safe.

Fruit tree management

Pruning, normally done when the trees are dormant. Keep the trees' size and shape under control and stimulate the formation of flowers and fruit buds to ensure productivity.


Hedge trimming

Trimming the hedge on a regular basis to encourage tight and full growth. Hedge trimming may also include a reduction in the hedge height.



Removal of the whole tree. In a confined area felling will normally require the tree to be climbed, dismantling in sections and lowered by rope to limit damage to the surrounding area. Trees can also be brought down using a controlled and calculated fell. It is also possible to take a tree down using a tracked access platform controlled by a fully qualified operative.


Stump and root removal

Grinding the stump out to allow planting or building in the area where a tree once stood. Where the stump does not pose a problem it can be left and treated to ensure regrowth does not occur.


Brushwood removal and disposal

Removal of waste from our work on trees and shrubs. All cuttings are put through our wood chipper and the resulting chip can be left for mulching borders or can be removed from the site altogether. Larger tree sections are also removed or can be turned into firewood and left on site.


Tree health assesment

An inspection to identify potential hazards with recommendations as to the best course of action to ensure the safety of the tree and those around them.


Fallen trees

Safe and swift removal of trees lost due to age, poor health or stormy weather.


Wood products

The production of wood chip, firewood, planks, sleepers and garden ornaments from clients that own trees or as required.


Tree sourcing, planting and aftercare

Advice, purchase and installation of new trees and shrubs, taking into account aesthetics and situation to ensure the best possible result.